Monday, July 13, 2020



Now more than ever, I need to focus on my breath. To Breath means to Being Ready , Expanding Astronomically, Through the Heart.

 YES! This is my mandate. Being is the state of acknowledging your present moment in the nowness of life. Being is the only state when the presence of God is felt through your spine. Being is felt through a conscious breath when the love of God is inhaled through the oxygen molecules. 

The love you can count on because it is eternal and constant. As you inhale, heavenly bodies enter your body temple and nourish every cell to consciousness of life. Take a deep breath right now and feel that love. 

To be Ready is a state of alertness. To be awake from the sleep patterns of the egoic mind. Readiness is a willingness that’s accomplished through your intentions. Being Ready to set yourself up for new becomings. 

Each becoming preceded a state of readiness and openness for flow of life to enter your body temple, and cloth your soul with insights. Be Ready to expand and take a stand for excellence in your life. 

This Expansion happens Astronomically. You move from the state of your being in the moment by going deep within microscopically at a level of one atom while it extracts the electrons from an oxygen molecule, to expanding and exploring the secretes of the cosmos macroscopically. 

Breath my friend. The unity between the self and outside of the self is bridged together by a simple conscious breath. Exhale with confidence, know that you are loved and you are love Itself by the presence of God , grounding you in the womb of Mother Earth, nourishing your soul Through the Heart. 

Being Ready , Expanding Astronomically Through the Heart; (BREATH) and know that your heart is the space that houses your soul. The heart has an amazing intelligence that communicates with life more than your brain does. 

The Heart is pliable. It is open to feel any emotion while in motion. The Heart laughs with every story of triamph and cries with every story of suffering. The heart knows what the mind has difficulty to understand. 

Your breath is the rainbow through the storms of life that brings light to the darkness and warms the heart. As a result, the love in your heart makes passionate love with your soul. 

Your desires are fueled by a conscious breath. They are funded with this blessing. Therefore , breath. Pay attention to the next breath that leads you into “Being Ready, Expanding Astronomically, Through the Heart“- in order to reveal the secret of life and unfold the goodness of life, within the isness and the nowness of life! 

Breath my friend. 

Namaste ❤️🌷

Dr Rod 

Thursday, April 2, 2020

I believe 

Affirmation: “I believe, I receive, & I am grateful!”

What a beautiful thought to believe in yourself and the power of the universe. Belief is powerful when it is targeted with your intention of setting positive energy in motion. Believe in your well being and healthy mind/body/ spirit. Believe in the power of now, this very moment defines and re-defines your future. Believe in love. Do you believe in the power of love? It can heal the heart and every other madness happening on our planet. Believe in your innate connection to your source and acknowledge your greatness. Yes, you are greatness! Take it in. Believe it!✌️πŸ˜ƒ 

Receiving is a gift. Ability to receive enables you to give. When you give you circulate, when you circulate, you generate, and as you generate you illustrate God in action. Generate the power of peace, circulate the power of kindness, and illustrate your compassion everywhere you go. This is what the world needs so desperately now for spiritual man & women of high conscious to tap into and exude with their vibration. Be the change you want to see in the world as my buddy Gohndi once said. πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‹

Appreciate and be grateful. Take on the attitude of gratitude and rise above into this altitude because you can, because you must. We don’t have even one second to waste anymore. Any resentment held, un-forgiveness not healed, gossip sent out, divisions created based on race, religion, and socio-economic status will keep us in lower altitudes. We can NOT afford that any longer. Greed and envy can’t hold up anymore. Fear and anxiety no longer has any room in our consciousness. Our planet is shaking things up!!! Are you awakening? Are you up leveling your game and rising in gratitude? Who are you going to become as we travel through this pandemic together and how do you want to be remembered? 

I’ll leave you with that! 

I believe , I receive, and I am grateful! πŸ€™πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

Let this be the greatest day of our lives. 

And so it is. Amen ❤️πŸ™πŸ‘ŠSHARE this away. 

Dr Rod🌷

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Corona virus peace treaty

A treaty of peace !

Dear coronavirus 

As an enlightened being of light and a representative of collective human consciousness, we politely ask you to chill down and relax. We are unified in love and we know that the human spirit is strong because we are the emanation of the living God. We also know that since you have risen from nature and nature comes from source itself, then by logic you also represent an extension of source itself. 

Therefore, that makes us friends, not enemies. That makes us same frequency in consciousness and by the power of love , we can de-structure your DNA to a point where by residing in our cells, you’ll turn into vitamins & minerals instead of dis-ease or dis-harmony. 

We now mandate for you to slow down and meditate on your replication, rate of infection, and slow down your course of action throughout our planet. We are living side by side and we request to live in peace next to each other. 

If you decide to take residence in anyone’s body right now or in the future, please be very polite, curtious, gentle, have good manners, and live without causing any harm or damage. Be a silent guest who’s welcome, but is more welcome to leave peacefully and quickly. 

You can go dance in the stars or drink beer & bathe in coconut oil as far as the human race is concerned. As long as we are both living at peace, we are cool with each other. 

So, I hope you hear my message because I’m sending you a healing prayer to go your own peaceful way and not ever come back into existence. 

Please share this message and raise the frequency of positive energy around our collective consciousness responsibly. 

With love, 

Global human family πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŠπŸ¦‹

Ps; Dr Rod ❤️🌷


Sunday, November 3, 2019


WOMAN: Willingness On Manifesting Abundance Now

Every man and woman loves to have a WOMAN in their life. What do I mean by this? I don't know yet but as I continue to write, the spirit of love will write through me and send its message to you. Woman and Abundance are synonymous to me. Their characteristics are the same. Abundance is reached only through state of love. The way to abundance is having a willingness to Self love and having a sense of absolute knowing that your thoughts are pure energy, once focused on with enthusiasm, will materialize in form. Women have the most sense of compassion than men. This is inherently true because they are the vortex of life to next generation. They know what it takes to care for and caress a new being arriving in this world. They know there has to be a specific condition, or environment for the baby to thrive. Any thought of lack or limitation will inhibit the growth of the baby. Lack of love will cause failure to thrive. Abundance is the same. You have to have the conditions set in motion for raising your vibration in order to feel good and be abundant first. Then, the manifestation of abundance will show up in your life according to your unique expression of your gifts. Your body is your temple of energy exchange where you'll need to take care of in order for abundance to have way of expression and reception. It's this beautiful cycle that creates, manifests, express, and circulates. Once you are in expression, you'll avoid any kind of depression. Depression of the body, mind, and Soul shows up because there is lack of expression. Have the Willingness On Manifesting Abundance Now. A woman is soft and able to nourish beyond her own needs. A woman is always giving and protective of her child in time of need. This is how abundance is. Become sensitive, willing, and openly loving to the feminine energy within you. Once you match this vibration, you become Abundance itself, and your life will never be the same. 

Namaste +1 spiritual life coaching 818-317-0839

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Positive energy

Once you come across this writing and read through it, you will feel your energy rising. You will start giggling inside and slowly put a big smile on your face. Your eyes will lid up with energies of hope and inspiration. You will tap into your innate power, the confidence you have at your service with each breath. Your breath will tune you up with the melody of the universe. You will celebrated the now moment, because you are NOW being focused only in the present moment awareness. This is pulling you out from the sadness of the past and the madness of the future. In the now, you are one with love. Life has its way with you. Abundance dances in between your cells, gushes through your body temple and brings multiple blessings in your life. Miracles of healing and revealing the best case scenario appear real and tangible. Your mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies become aligned with the perfect order of the cosmos. The body of your affairs reflects the beautiful harmony of the celestial bodies. In gratitude, we welcome this attitude. We forgive and let go. Letting prosperity and joy to exude through our hearts. If you felt this, please share and pass it forward. And so it is. Amen. +1πŸ’š spiritual life coaching 818-317-0839

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Being here & in the now! 

You are always here and in the now. If you just ran into these words, know that you've been intended to read and catch the energy behind and beyond what the words are willing to convey. There is a seed being planted in your conscious and subconscious mind. This is the seed of excellence, hope, love , and faith. This seed already has the divine idea waiting to find the right conditions to unfold and evolve on its own. 

The presence of God is the fertile ground for this seed, already within your soul , from the beginning of time, beyond the expression of creation, in you and acting in collaboration for you. Whatever you are going through right now is being washed away by acknowledging your greatness. 

Read these words slowly and take a deep breath because your ego is being cracked by the light emanating from your source. As this seed matures on its own timing, it will reveal its blessings as an expression of your life. I know there has been times where you felt helpless, lost your will, and felt so separated from your essence. I know and I've been there where nothing seems to be going your way. 

These are the exact time when you must anchor yourself deeper and stronger in your will. You must release your attachment of what you think must happen and ease into higher order of universe to uphold you. The support you seek is within. The entire cosmos act in coherence once you are aware of your power and wholeness. This is a law and this seed will grow to become a mighty tree of blessings once you trust into this process. 

Let go and allow. Nourish your being with love and find a way to extend loving thoughts to others. The human family is thirsty for this love, so become the fountain for each soul in order to awaken this awareness within them. This is a new set point for your life. Right now. Feel the excitement of being the source of your own excellence and inviting great possibilities of abundance, peace, joy, and prosperity as an expression of your soul. Take a deep breath, hold it, slowly release by saying ohmmmmmmm! πŸ’š spiritual life coaching 

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Monday, October 21, 2019

Thought of Hope

When you feel like your back is against the wall, take pride in everything you have done that has worked for you. Focus on what’s right in your life rather than what’s missing. Strengthen your faith and go more within. Meditate longer, pray harder, and let go of how things should be according to you. There is a bigger plan that will reveal itself once you clear out your negative energy and align yourself with divine plan of God for you. Don’t give up and push forward. You will make it through. You’ve got my support and can count on me always. 


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