Friday, July 20, 2018

Healing your soul 

I woke up with an intense spasm in both of my upper shoulders right beneath the neck line. Usually muscle spasm is coagulated thought energy that has surfaced up either consciously or subconsciously and is trying to leave the body temple. I just came out of a very deep meditation, so I will share the process of what I experienced, if at any level you are holding some sort of body pain, this will help you. 

Read it once, and then couple of times as I take you on this journey. I know that you know there are thoughts you subjectively hold about yourself that is simply not true. That is a judgment about yourself either because of lack of self love or living in fear. It's a a myth you are holding about yourself from the past. A 'What If' statement that's been hunting you. What if my life wasn't like this? What if things would have been different? What if I didn't make that decision and I would have done something else? You know what I'm talking about. Comparing What Is to what Could have been is the biggest self sabotage and dis-empowering state of mind to be. Don't worry, you are not the only one, yours truly falls for this all the time. 

I've been very conscious about my internal dialogue though. Through self healing and meditation, I transmute this thoughts and change them to new one. Even as they are happening, I become aware of them and still in the process of mastering my feelings around them. Yet, again and again I fall for my Ego and experience the pain it causes. So what, life is a process of creating and experiencing your experiences and learning from the past experiences. So, take a deep breath. You've read this far, therefore I know your mind is settled and is in tune. 

As you read this, think about a time you've compared yourself with others and as a result you felt less than, unworthy, or not good enough. I give you a second......Now , take a deep breath around that thought and mental image of it. Whatever memory you have around this thought, take a snap shot of it and put both the thought and the mental image inside a sphere. Surround the sphere in red color. Deep bright red color. As you breath, notice where the spasms are or any other kind of pain around your body, or pain in your heart. A feeling of separation, sadness, or anger. Notice them, allow the feelings to surface up. Breath, and notice you are inhaling this red sphere, going inside your lungs and traveling to all the areas in your body that you are experiencing pain. As they arrive to these areas, imagine your physical body changing into field of light. Completely losing its physical form and becoming into field of light energy. Now you have the red spheres at their specific locations, with your entire body though changing into an intense blue light. As you focus on this intense blue light, imagine your heart re-shaping itself and becoming one with the ocean. So vast, so immense, so spacious, infinitely grand for increasing your capacity. 

This increase in capacity is now happening at every area of your thoughts, past, present, and future. It's happening at a subconscious level to dissolve anything that doesn't belong to you. Specially what you have included in the red sphere. Now, with every beat of your heart, I want you to realize the waves of ocean washing away through the red spheres, re-shaping and changing it's red color to blue. Breath in, imagine your heart beat is the actual wave of the ocean sending this healing energy to every cell of your body. 

The thoughts you've been holding on are dis-integrating inside the infinite capacity you are now making yourself available to. The judgments you've made about yourself are nothing but fear of accepting your greatness and who you really are. They are not real and will not inhibit your from manifesting your divine destiny. You are now intentionally activated in this healing energy of light, that is surrounding and connecting you to the universal source, the eternal light and love, with each breath, with each heart beat your life, your thoughts, and your actions are becoming new. New with the spirit, free from the grip of the Ego. At one with peace...Take a deep breath, hold it, now exhale with confidence. Namaste...Dr. Rod...

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Fear of separation 

There is that someone who will read this and is experiencing the 'fear of separation'. The one who has worries of the future specially as far as their relationship with another being is concerned. This is one of the most prominent work of the Ego that creates conditions in your mind to take you out of the present moment. Specially when you are feeling sad or depressed. 

These dense negative energies tend to pile up together and obscure the mind, keeping it in shackles. Believe me, I've been there. Specially that fear of separation from a loved one who I thought I was deeply in love with, and I was. Yet, when time came to stand on my own feet, I conquered my fears and started re-discovering the Truth of my Being. What did I find? I found out that just as oceanic waves can not be separated from the ocean and just as rays of sun beam can not be separated from the sun, therefore, I can not be separated from that which is infinite, the creator of creation, the void behind a thing, the nothing that manifests into something. The alpha and the omega, the energy behind these thoughts, the frequency beating my heart, the feeling behind what it feels to be LOVE, the Ohhm vibration of the Cosmos. 

The moment I realized my oneness with that which can not be named, my fear of separation dissolved and I saw my experience with the person I loved as just an experience for my growth. You may be going through that transition time where your beloved or friend, husband or wife, are at a turning point. You see, you get to become who you really are in relation to others, and what you see in others is an aspect of yourself, otherwise you wouldn't see it in them. To overcome your current challenge if you truly care for yourself and the other person is to change your perception of who you ARE. Become one with your higher Self, and then realize that your mate is also on this path of Self Realization. See them beyond what they are projecting. 

By changing the way you look at things, the things you look at will literally change. It's all up to you my friend. Don't blame your mate, don't blame the world, don't blame your circumstances, and please, don't blame yourself. You have a capacity to rise above and unite with what is inherently yours to BE- an ever expansive and a Being of Light floating in infinite space of possibilities to reflect and reveal the glory of God consciousness as your very LIFE.....God Bless You :) NamasteπŸ’šDr.Rod

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Constantly change 

Relationship is an incredible concept. By associating with another person, you get to know who you are. You get to experience yourself through the different conditions you find yourself going through as a result of your choice, thoughts, and actions. 

Think about the concept of 'change'. Literally, the only constant in life is change. For many, change creates fear because of attachment. Usually it happens in relationships because you get scared of losing your loved one. A fear of end. When you are so attached to something, it becomes difficult to grasp the underlying principal of change which is it's 'constant' nature. 

There is life, no- life, then life cycle which is part of who we are. Part of the grand design in our beautiful universe as an out picturing of the mind of God. You and I are part of this out picturing and we have the opportunity to recognize it through our lives. As you get aligned with the constancy of change, you find refuge in every ending, because you know that in every end there is a beginning. 

You find healing after every adversity, you find a deeper sense of love after giving up your fear. The fear of death of a loved one, death of an old idea, death of a habitual way of destructive thinking. In the act of letting go, you'll activate a new beginning infused with the energy of love. Then, every moment becomes in and of itself an eternal creation. Every moment takes on a mysterious adventure. A love story between your heart and your soul, dancing through this magnificent story we call our lives. - Namaste...Dr. Rod...❤️

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Monitor your thoughts 

Monitor your thoughts today and stop any negativity that may creep there. Doesn't matter what has happened up to this point because every moment is a new new beginning to start fresh. Hold your head up high. Remember who you are, a spiritual being having a human experience which you get to chose. You are infinite and powerful, confident and strong, loving and kind, peaceful and blissful, healthy and wealthy, abundance and pure success. The presence of God is in , around, and through you at any moment. It is YOU! Look within your heart, connect to it, tap in your potential, change your fears into faith, and yield to the great power of universe that wants to express through as your life. πŸ’š+1

Monday, July 16, 2018

My religion 

Something brought you to connect with this energy right now. I'm glad you are here. I am writing from the deepest state of meditation to you. Take a deep breath. Allow the next 30 seconds to be an anchor point for your Soul into infinity. Pay attention to your breath and notice your heart beat. As you dive in this space you will feel your heart beat synchronized with mine. Feeling yourself in the nowness of this moment, recognize you are magnificent. Unconditional love energy is floating through your breath, into your heart. Pumping out to your entire cellular structure. Each cell in your body re-presents every being on our planet. Every artery and vein is congruent with all the rivers and oceans of our planet. Every bone and muscle are the very core structure of Mother Earth. The titanic plates holding the continents together. Breath in, hold this breath for a second, feel your connection to everything and everyone. Know your power as you are literally changing the entire world in this very second with the expansion of your consciousness. Know you are absolutely beautiful and taken care of by the cosmos. You are guided and lighted by the spirit of love that runs the entire universe and is using your life to express its magnificence by becoming ONE with YOU in this moment. Take another deep breath, breath out the sound of Ohhhmmmmm. Namaste

+1 πŸ’š

Thursday, July 12, 2018


Affirmation: " I attract abundance and success into my life because that's who I am. Divine love reflects within my soul. I allow more health, wealth, beauty, and joy to show up in my experience. I am an avenue of blessings for others. I am inspired. I am enthusiastic. I am in flow with the universal life source as my thoughts and actions. My attitude vibrates with gratitude in absolute peace. And so it IS. Amen." πŸ’š spiritual life coaching

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


There are no strangers in the world. There are only those people we haven't met yet. Once you know that we are all connected, the illusion of separation fades and the only thing remains between soul beings is the essence of love. 

Friendships are so precious! I love every one of my friends, near or far, and even those who have not been in touch for a while. People come in your life and touch your heart for a brief moment, some become long lasting connections, some you"ll never see again but a memory. To me, all experiences are sacred and each have a higher meaning for my evolution as a spiritual being. 

Without you ( my friend who is reading this) I can not have any meaning. It's the observer effect that gives the observed a sense of reality in this time and space. Though we are one, your presence in my life gives me authenticity as an individual , and for that, I Am Grateful! 

Sending you love & tons of blessings. πŸ’š spiritual life coaching.