Sunday, October 13, 2019

What holds the future?

You are on a solitary path of creation and uncovering what you already know to be your highest truth. People show up in your life from all back grounds and experiences. What you do with their experience is a work of art. It's really all about us. Happiness is derived from within. Strength to go on is independent of outside sources, it's dependent on your mastering the inside source. This source is pure love, it's pure compassion, and pure allowing the spirit of peace vibrating into manifestation. Take a deep breath my friend, the process of awakening and unfolding requires your participation by re-cognizing who and what you really are. Who: the singular manifestation of the what. What: the invisible, yet indivisible presence of God that is all that IS and all that is not. You are part of this great mystery. Your existence matters, your being means everything to what you are giving meaning to. Enjoy this insight and roll with it. Smile and take it easy. It's all going to be alright. We don't know what the future holds for us, but we do know what holds the future in consciousness. The presence of God (love) holds our future, today, in this very pre-sent moment. Feel my love coming your way. 

And so it is, amen

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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Back to No-Thing 

When you hold a beautiful rock in your hand, you feel its tough texture and solidity. Your senses tell you that it has a weight and special roughness to it. In reality though, that rock is a condensation of trillions of molecules and atoms that are attracted together, yet if you go deeper within each molecule, you see that it's formed of empty space, formed of NO THING. This is the same as everything else, our lives, our human problems that are condensation of thought forms. You hold old, stagnant memories from the past and repeat them over and over in your mind. This re-creates the same pattern and results. Our challenges are nothing more than thought forms that we carry along the day, obscuring the space of infinite possibility in the PRESENT MOMENT. Think of the heaviness of your problems the same as the rock. When you go deep within, you discover that you can unravel it's origin back to NO THING where it came from. You can then forgive and release that energy to create space for the NEW OUTCOME shot from the mind of God from infinite possibilities to reveal itself. Life then becomes an adventure of knowing Who you are and why you exist!!! Try it! πŸ’š spiritual life coaching 818-317-0839 Get a free consultation 

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Letting go of the pain 

In our life a lot of things happens that we don't really know the reasons for. Sometimes there are absolutely not justification for them. I like this saying and I believe in it. It makes life easier for me to glide through: "Pain is inevitable, yet suffering is optional". As a human being, it's inevitable for me to experience pain. Even my physical body is designed with trillions of pain receptors to give me insights as dis-ease starts taking over my body. It gives me warnings, it directs me to take action and find the cause. Emotional pain is the same. It comes through layers of experiences, the old selves, the younger version of me that went through life's challenges and didn't really know what to do with the pain. As you direct your life towards the path of LIGHT and Self realization, healing starts to take over those areas of pain that has turned into emotional suffering. The suffering was never of your making. You simply didn't know better to deal with the immense pain that had happened. A gentle way of looking at the past can create an avenue for the release of the suffering which many time has caused guilt. Guilt is detrimental as it carries a very low vibration frequency in your emotional body, tying your arms and legs, imprisoning you within your own thoughts, and disabling your growth process. It keeps you in the past and robs your from the experience of the present moment. The way to clear guilt is the knowing that you did the best you knew to deal with the pain you went through. Become aware of it, find the gap between your higher Self, and what keeps on triggering your suffering through the guilt. It's possible to let go and heal of this energy when you are willing and accept the choice of 'possibility'. I went through a deep process about these dynamics yesterday with a client of mine, walking her through the different layers and energy knots that has caused her suffering. As she said: "Healing is a process", and it's a beautiful process when you take dominion over your life. When your intention becomes one which is bigger than yourself and includes the shift into optimism and love for the entire humanity. Your experience will transform in the service to others. For this, I'm totally grateful....Namaste...-Dr. Rod.... 818-317-0839 

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Re-writing your life 

It's important not to give up on your dreams. It's important to stay focus on your cause, because you deserve to be happy in your life. Ya, listen to me my friend. I've been in the dark where I could not see two feet ahead of me. I felt depressed and hopeless. It was the most challenging time of my life. You know how it feels like if you ever been an em-path and had your feeling hurt. It can happen to any one of us. Specially if you are spiritually in tune with higher orders, but not balanced on this realm. Usually sensitive people get hit the hardest, and I come the closest to being sensitive as it gets. Why am I sharing this? Because I have not really written for a while. It's been many months since I've shared my deepest part of my soul on my page....I've been writing little posts here and there, or shared my old posts form years of writing on this platform. I've gone very deep inside and this past year and a half, I've been contemplating on so many different principles. Instead of writing them, I've been living them. I've been extremely in tune with what's been happening in my soul. I felt like sharing it would cut me off from the flow. My vortex shifted from writing, to talking it out on my live videos, and then just getting in experience with them in my meditations. Words are limited for me and describing my feelings have been more challenging. However, one of my biggest passions and talents in life is to write what I'm feeling and express what my soul wants to shout out. Like now, I have to be in a special place where the gap between my thoughts expand and the impulses of my ego slow down. So that I get in a trans like space and allow the spirit of love to express itself. Yes, you are in this field of energy and if you have read this far, you'll notice that your heart rate is decreasing slowly, a beautiful smile is coming on your face, and energy of love goes up and down your spine because I'm visioning you in this field. My intention is to start writing more and get deep in my soul to bring forth what the spirit of love has to share in public. I'm open and receptive to this intention as it calms the beating of my heart and synchronizes my consciousness to the reader of this note. Just know that you are being prayed up and that one thing you've been contemplating or worry about, will resolve. I see it and underneath what I feel as doubt in you, is the presence of God. Therefore, it's already gone from you energy field back to the no-thing that it came from, never to return again, allowing you to prosper and expand........

I feel good now....Look for my writings and each time you run into them, make a wish before you read it. See how you'll manifest your desire in no time...


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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A note to Self

A note to Self:


At times I miss you dearly because you get caught up in so many different paradigms. You move with such intensity and vigor through the dense energies of the world while keeping a calm composure at the inner sanctuary of your heart. You feel with immense compassion and you have such passion to live a life of significance. Anytime you want to express yourself, you go ahead with an attitude of "I am, therefore I have" consciousness. You don't really care about the opinion of others, because their judgment of you has no effect on you! Why? Because you don't judge them simply for the fact that you don't even see them as separate from you. You are well aware of the dark energies that want to cling on you with evil intentions, yet you bravely face them without worrying about anything. Faith and hope are your two swords in this battle while you use your spiritual practices as a shield to deflect these energies. You know you are guided, every step you take is being taken by the presence who leads you by an inner voice. The presence loves his beloved and as a being of love, you know that this is the ultimate state to be in. You radiate kindness when the world sees only darkness. Your eyes are trained to see the divinity within other souls who are trapped in their struggles and stuck in the maya, the illusion of what seems to be real, yet it's not. 

Dear Self, 

I love and appreciate you for what you do for me. I thank you for being closer to me than my neck veins. In total gratitude, I release you in the arms of almighty beauty who is caressing me even now as I am in such deep pain. I open my heart and am receptive to a miracle to shift this pain into absolute peace. A peace that passes human understanding and becomes one with its creator who gave rise to all that is and all that is not. 

Namaste. πŸ’š call 818-317-0839 to book a free life coaching session 

Monday, September 23, 2019

The best to give 

The best thing to give:

Your enemy is forgiveness;

To an opponent, tolerance;

To a friend; your heart;

To your child; a good example;

To your father; deference;

To your mother, conduct that will make her proud of you;

To your Self, respect;

To all human beings, charityπŸ’š -Swami Sivananda 818-317-0839 call for a free life coaching session 

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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Apache blessing

Good morning: this is my prayer for you today πŸ˜ƒπŸ’š;

May the sun,

Bring you new energy by day

May the moon,

Soulfully restore you by night

May the rain,

Wash away your worries

May the breeze,

Blow new strength into your being

May you walk,

Gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life. spiritual life coaching πŸ¦‹πŸ™818-317-839

~Apache Blessing