Saturday, October 7, 2017

Be your own health advocate

Here is a sad reality that you have to accept and be aware of if you find yourself or a loved one being taken care of in the hospitals or other health care facilities; “you can not teach people common sense. They either have it or they don’t.”

 Be aware of this fact and use your own common sense to be aware in your care. They do not teach this in medical schools or any other professional schools. Have that in mind when you are dealing with your situation and always question authorities. They are not “always” right! There is no certainty with another persons opinion!

 Ask intelligent questions. Do your homework and be curious in how things are being done. My gratitude to people who are giving their effort into helping other people’s well being wholeheartedly. Here is my invitation to those who are doing it just to get by and see patients as a number or a subject; GROW UP!!! Put yourself in families situation and learn to open your heart. If you are pretending to be in service and your heart is closed off to be present in what you are doing, think of a career change! In Farsi we say” ageh Az delo joon nemikoni, mikham sad saleh seyah nakoni! Menat nazar” πŸ‘Š

Just some insights for you guys to ponder and take home with. 

Thanks πŸ’š

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

This will move you 

At this very moment you are connecting into the spirit of love through this writing. You are being drawn into an amazing energy field I'm feeling now in deep meditation. I had a calling to open my eyes in the middle and allow what is coming through me be read by you. You are a magnificent being of light. Your entire life has been one of great adventure. I know you've experienced pain and many times a lot of suffering. I know your heart has been broken numerous times and your struggles have been very difficult to deal with. Yet, you have made it this far. Yet, you have thrived to be who you are. An infinite being who is using the body temple to navigate through time and space expressing your beauty. You have passed through every challenge and made the best of how you know what to do. This message is to go within the fiber of your being, in between your cells, re -structuring the very DNA that is carrying the information of your existence into prosperity, vitality, well being, abundance , and above all love. Take a deep breath my friend, relax into the moment, you have come this far in your life. Your life will take a miraculous turn if you decide to recognize your greatness and your oneness with God. The layers of dark clouds that have been obscuring your perception from divine into sadness is being cleansed. Your emotional body is being vibrated into body of love, compassion, and peace. Your physical body is being healed. It is now becoming the charged instrument of divinity that will carry the light to shine and radiate to everyone out there. The joy that is showering over your spiritual body will allow you to have full confidence and trust in yourself and the universe. This, I am holding the space for you. This is a promise and not just a declaration. This perfection of the all good is yours and profoundly will overflow the bank of your present paradigm. Open up and receive. Share this message, stay in ultimate energy of gratitude, and just allow it to BE. Amen Life coaching, career coaching, healing, Reiki 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Your experience 

It's so easy to get caught up in your own story and become totally consumed by it. What do I mean by that? Human experience once experienced becomes a memory somewhere in your mind. It doesn't matter it's a good or bad experience because the feeling you experience will create an identification with it and make a belief system that your experience is actually YOU! You can rejoice in the good experiences however it's the painful ones that become so hard for anyone to bypass and move forward in life. When I coach people and see them so caught up in a painful experience, I first allow them to express their story as if they are the experience itself. Then the fun begins when I remind them that they are not their experience. Oh, and remind them they are not their thoughts, specially the victim thoughts that creates even heavier illusion that you are your thoughts. Thought identification is the work of the Ego. So, now you have the premise that you are not your thoughts, nor your feelings, nor your experience. This becomes very challenging for people because they know that they are not but their ego struggles so hard to hold on to this concept that they are. Therefore, if you are not your thoughts but you can have a thought, can't you observe your thought and then as a result change your experience? If you are not your feelings but you experience a feeling, can't you chose to not get caught up in a feeling and actually feel it without getting consumed by it? And if you are not your life story but have a story, can't you redefine your story from being a victim and transform your story into victory? I let you decide! Choice is a function of your awareness and awareness the function of your alignment with higher Self, or source energy. In this alignment , every challenge can become a source of a triumph and every adversity can be transmuted by your act of observation into transcendence. You have a power to re-cognize your "story" and change the narrative as you wish. Your wish becomes into reality when you demand more of yourself and don't settle for your BS, or belief system. You have a mandate to live an excellence life of beauty and joy, peace and love , health and wealth, with how you'd like to design it. It's your story so don't mess it up. If you do, then own it and move beyond it. Don't fall for people's judgment of you because they are caught up in their own BS story. 

Namaste. spiritual life coaching 818-317-0839

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Being an observer 

Being the observer is not an easy thing, yet it's the only thing you can be. There is a power far greater than what we can understand, see, and feel operating the universe. That power is within us, works in and as us as well. There is no separation. However, there are so many challenges in the world, so many people now getting hurt. You've been watching what's going on out in different part of the world. And there are innocent people who get hurt by accidents, illness, and other happenings. So, how do you explain this? 

My answer, I don't know. This is a note to me and I'm in a very emotional state right now. How do you go beyond what's happening and hold a space where you know the essence of what's happening is not evil. That you live in a friendly universe. I contemplate, I go deep in my meditation and ask my higher Self, because my mind sometimes gets locked down, gives up hope and creates conflict with what I inherently feel. As I tap into my Soul, I feel comfort that there is a perfection happening beyond my understanding. Beyond my little Ego trying to figure everything out. I was at a hospital yesterday, witnessing an innocent human being having her entire physical body shattered from an accident. How do you explain the burden and life changes she'll have to endure? The stress the family will have to endure? 

Yet, what I know is to give hope and look at things from the light of healing. To discern and recognize what is in front of my eyes is the initial stage of understanding. To see that there is pain, there is suffering, and there is injustice from our human point of view. However, there is that unseen and unheard energy, the inner voice of knowing, the place where is beyond what you observe, it's within an aspect of you that's untouched. From this inner state, I get to chose beholding the presence. The spirit of God, from the deepest spaces between my thoughts , between my cells, echoing out from my over soul. I can't deny it. It doesn't make sense but it's the only thing that's Real to me. I shift my perception and see the wholeness and healing right among the suffering. 

As I yield to this beautiful energy, something happens. My experience changes in the very moment and so does the experience of the observer. I have hope. I have faith, and the only thing I am sure is that love overcomes every challenge. I know that the human spirit is more than what we are seeing. I just know it and I've seen how people come together in times of crisis. Darkness only exists because of lack of LIGHT. What's Real is light and where there is darkness, it's our duty to emanate the loving light within our hearts πŸ’šNamaste.....-Dr. Rod.....

Monday, August 14, 2017

Conscious living workshop 

The mark of a true spiritual worrier is to recognize when they fall out of integrity with their soul. This means that you get caught up in your reactions to the external circumstance, you fall for your ego, and buy intro the lie that you need more. There is a perfection within you that only needs your permission to release its infinite energy. You are made of the elements that makes up the cosmos. You are infinite and powerful beyond anything ever created. Every day is a new set point to let go of the past and start new. I fell out of integrity with my soul by getting caught up in my fear last night. I lashed out at a loved one for so called "my own reasons" that are immature and tainted by the ego. I created an atmosphere of pain for myself and the other person. My recognition of this fall out came back quickly though. Meditation helps you to bounce back into integrity at lightening speed and resolve your issues faster than what the mind lives to do. The mind loves you to suffer and generate more negativity. The soul though through meditation uplifts you from the negative energy and opens the gates of your heart so fast for the spirit of love to shine through. Melting of the ego takes place and the flowering of your beauty blooms even in the darkest moments of your experience. Get in stillness and allow God to have its way with you. Come check out my Conscious Living Workshop soon:

Namaste πŸ’š

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Having Faith

Perhaps the most powerful energy that can move the human spirit is the power of faith! Why do I say that? Because you can reach the end of your rope in every chapter of your life. Human experience is full of ups and downs. It's full of unexpected surprises that tests your very core. It can push your limits to the ultimate where you have nothing but your faith in yourself to rely on. It's in those very dark moments that your true character comes forth and you know what you are made of. Do you give up or do you push forward and rely on the deepest part of your soul to move on? I know you've been there and I know you have been tested. I know if you are reading this, you can relate to me because we share the same sentiments and same qualities as we breath the same air and have the same blood streaming through our veins. We have the same desires to be happy and in peace. We want to be loved and love another being in order to bring forth the highest quality of our beingness in fruition that is in alignment with the spirit of God. There is the pulse of the universe pulsating through our breath and you and I both know that there is only our desire that wants to transcend the negative human experience and transmute it into the light of the only ONE. Yes! We can do it and it's done through the power of our faith: "The substance of that which we are hoping for and the vibratory evidence of what can not be seen". What we are hoping for is a better future and what can not be seen is the field of pure potentiality that we can call upon with the power of our intention. Our desires to make it through and transform the formation of our life can be the salvation of our darkest moments and create new possibilities for our existence. Our tomorrow is shaped by the decision we make in this very moment, and in this moment I am aligned with the spirit of love, knowing that by having you in my prayers and field of high vibrational love energy, we can set forth a new beginning; one that brings more smiles on our faces and one that is purely derived from the power of our faith. Yes my friend, keep your faith intact and navigate through this moment because tomorrow I know you'll have a better day than today. You are making your signature into eternity. Keep strong and move on ! 

Namaste. πŸ’š

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Clearing confusion 

A lot of confusion takes place when you don't know what you want out of life. What happens then, you fall into regret of your past which lowers your emotions into sadness or depression. You do this subconsciously in order to match the vibrational frequency of your confusion. When it's a match, now you feel good because you have concrete justification for your present disappointments. As you live with this attitude, you attract and create more of the same. Here is the cycle: Confusion, then focusing on past regret, matched up depression mood, feeling good about your confusion, attracting more of the same. This is a vicious cycle I see so many people caught up in which is ruining their lives, relationships, health, marriage, and their livelihood over it. If you relate or you know someone caught up in this, reach out and get guidance. It's easy to balance this energy and make your life work. Please visit my site: & get in touch with me for FREE initial assessment 818-317-0839 Thank you πŸ’š