Sunday, April 22, 2018

True strength 

True strength is not flexing your arms, pushing your way through life, or hoarding to become rich and famous. True strength is in your mind. It's sharing your resources for the good of all people. It's in the act of giving even when you don't have the financial means because giving a smile away, a bit of compassion, and your love doesn't cost you a penny. True strength is found within your being. It shows itself in your confidence, passion, and enthusiasm. You will not achieve it by boosting up your ego, putting people down, talking behind their back, and holding on to your grudge. True strength is in letting go and letting God. It's in trusting and allowing. In opening your heart and becoming a peaceful warrior!

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Saturday, April 21, 2018


In times of despair, I only see hope. I see a beautiful day. I know deep inside my heart that whatever is happening will serve my higher good. I trust the universe with all my soul. I allow my life to unfold by being connected to my source. Believing and having faith. There is a knowing inside all of us, that pulsating urge, passionate energy that rushes in your veins, intuitive voice that knows who you are, what you are here to do, to be, and to contribute. Listen to its whisper. Embrace it with love. Open your arms and cradle it to it's destiny........💚

Friday, April 20, 2018

My Sedona Experience 4/2015

I've gone through an incredible spiritual roller coaster for the past few weeks and specially for the past few day as I came back from Sedona last night. The theme of our retreat was "remembering and manifestation'. My journey began with setting an intention to 'surrender and be present, to connect with my divine relationship, and to be present in order to gain clarity'. I went through so many openings and so many emotional challenges. From pain to agitation, from deep love to self centeredness. From being absolutely present and feeling oneness like I've never felt before to being disconnected. I absolutely experienced the world of duality and dichotomy at the deepest level. Probably the most I've ever been present and witnessed my EGO at work and having my higher Self taming my Ego. It was a beautiful dance between these two phenomena and I was dancing through them with grace. I fell down so many times inside, feeling vulnerable, feeling lost in my mind. However, my heart and soul over powered and directed me to exactly where I needed to be. I felt and feel freedom like never before because I experienced the absolute by 'Re-membering' who and what I Really am. Who being the singular manifestation of the what and what being the invisible, yet indivisible presence of God. I aligned my mind, emotions, and physical body through the portal of my consciousness and was witnessing how incredible us as human beings are. We manifest our intentions on a a moment by moment basis. The more clear you are on what it is you want and what it is you don't want, the more access to your creative divine power and deliberate manifestation you have. I was dwelling in Self love and my ability to introspect. This is thinking about what I was or am thinking about. This is the key to raising your spiritual awareness and practicing it one moment at a time to feel and BE connected. It's all within you and all the answers you are looking for are eloquently written in your heart. Free yourself by letting go and forgiving that which no longer serves you. Open up to infinite possibilities because you are infinite, you are a divine being reflecting and revealing the glory of cosmos according to your unique gifts. I feel a shift of transformation within me and I'm holding it very sacred. I am grateful for my experiences as I know if will resonate out to the world, to you my friend, and anyone who happens to read this note. Know that you are in my prayers and unconditional love. Stay centered and be blessed! Namaste....Dr. Rod +1


A lot of confusion takes place when you don't know what you want out of life. What happens then, you fall into regret of your past which lowers your emotions into sadness or depression. You do this subconsciously in order to match the vibrational frequency of your confusion. When it's a match, now you feel good because you have concrete justification for your present disappointments. As you live with this attitude, you attract and create more of the same. Here is the cycle: Confusion, then focusing on past regret, matched up depression mood, feeling good about your confusion, attracting more of the same. This is a vicious cycle I see so many people caught up in which is ruining their lives, relationships, health, marriage, and their livelihood over it. If you relate or you know someone caught up in this, reach out and get guidance. It's easy to balance this energy and make your life work. Visit: DrRod26.comfor spiritual life coaching. Call me: 818-317-0839 Thank you

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Look within

Be the peace and love you want to see in others. You are greatness and an incredible manifester. Everything you are looking for is deep within your heart. Get in alignment with your mind, emotion, and physical body by whatever means that works for you. As you travel your beautiful journey, you will impact the entire universe because you matter! You are unique! You are here on purpose! Namaste -Dr Rod +1💚💜💚

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


"Peace is not the absence of violence. Peace is the dynamic of harmonizing good." Michael Bernard Beckwith

Focus your attention and intention on all the great things that are happening around the globe. You wont hear those act of kindness, compassion, sharing, and love on the news. You want to stand for peace rather than eliminating hate, war, or crime. You want to stand for love, rather than getting caught up in fear, doubt, and worry. Keep Love & Peace the center point of your attention & intention and allow your consciousness guide you through your divine path.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


After you are gone, the only legacy you'll leave behind is how much you cared for others, how much you LOVED, and your signature character. Your true essence is eternal. Build upon this inner truth with every choice you make and every word you utter in the moment. Fate is what life brings to you with every experience, while your destiny is what you do with these experiences and from what space of BEING you carry through. How you build upon each moment will one day be a testimonial whispered by others. And that my friend, IS PRICELESS. YOU ARE IN FACT, PRICELESS. -Dr. Rod...