Sunday, October 21, 2018


Attention; after reading these few lines, there is a possibility that you will feel happy with a smile on your face, increase a sense of passion for your existence, and tap into more faith within your soul as to how things will work out for you. So, read at your discretion because your attention will create your intention. 

Your intention will focus your energy. Focused energy will cause you to start acting upon your deepest desire. Your desire will open doors of possibilities in order to welcome your wish. What you wish from your heart will manifest in your reality. 

No matter where you are in life, know that you are getting ready for a quantum leap towards the evolution of your consciousness. Take the negative experiences you are battling through now and observe them for what they are. Do not resist them because what you resist will persist. Learn what messages they have for you and simply change your thoughts around them. Choose a different thought and act upon it. 

Choice is a function of your awareness. Spend some time in meditation daily to increase your capacity for more Devine awareness and then create what you want. You are a powerful creator who is capable to re-invent your life based on how you intend it to BE rather than falling trap to mediocre expectations of others from you. Believe in yourself! Believe in your passion! When you feel like giving up, just give up the feeling of giving up. Replace it with hope and kindness towards yourself. The face of kindness is the power that will attract circumstances and people in your life who will assist you to reach your destiny. Your destiny though is hidden in between single moments between your everlasting journey. Be present now, you’ll find contentment underneath the constant voice in your mind telling you there needs to be more. The more you are looking for shows up when you let go of the "need" for having more, rather you increase the quality of BEing more of who you are. Stop, take a deep breath, let this sink, read it over, and share it with someone you truly care for as you keep smiling. 

With eternal love, 

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Friday, September 28, 2018

Sunflower meditation

This is a meditative thought: Take a deep breath, and slowly exhale. Do it couple of times until your focus is just on your breath and my writing. You may have to read this couple of times. As you are reading this, imagine the sun, seeing it's beautiful shiny light and feeling it's warm energy on your entire body. Open your heart and invite the sun energy into your heart. Each time you breath in, feel that the sun is nourishing the cells in your blood and clearing the oxygen that is floating in it. Now take a deep breath, HOLD IT! Hold it until it becomes a bit challenging to hold. Say: "ALL OF MY NEEDS ARE MET, I LIVE IN A FRIENDLY UNIVERSE, DIVINE HARMONIZING GOOD AND ABUNDANCE IS THE ORDER OF MY DAY, I AM LOVE IN ACTION." As you exhale your breath, feel the sun energy penetrating every cell of your body. Here is your task today: Go outside and stay in the sun for 20 min. Meditate on it with this writing. Then, go buy some SUNFLOWERS, hold them, feel them, touch them, smile at them, and put one on your heart. Send out a prayer of PEACE AND LOVE for the entire humanity with it. Keep one and give the rest away as a gift to anyone you like. Have a beautiful day :) 


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

What would Love do now? 

"What would love do now?"... How many times have you fall down because of your Ego getting you trapped for comparing who you are, where you are, and what you've been up to with others as a result of getting stuck in your past and blaming yourself that you could have been somewhere else in life? Re-read this question and really think about it. It happens so often on a subconscious level because part of this whole process of re-creation of your Soul's journey is accepting who you are wholeheartedly in the moment. Yet, this task seems to be so difficult and the result of getting caught up in it is so painful. It's a path of self destruction and loosing hope for the future. One thing that helps me after many years of practicing and yet falling down for this very mechanism is to ask myself "What would love do now?" 

This is a very powerful question that shifts your attention from your past and all the scenarios your mind makes up to create an opening gap for re-connecting you back to the now. What would love do and chose in this very second? Asking this question personally from yourself shifts your mindset in a positive direction instantly in order to gain freedom from self sabotage. So, here is my question to you: What would love do now in order to accept, cherish, recognize, and completely be at one with your higher Self?.....Namaste +1 Dr. Rod....

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Self healing 

In our life a lot of things happens that we don't really know the reasons for. Sometimes there are absolutely not justification for them. I like this saying and I believe in it. It makes life easier for me to glide through: "Pain is inevitable, yet suffering is optional". As a human being, it's inevitable for me to experience pain. Even my physical body is designed with trillions of pain receptors to give me insights as dis-ease starts taking over my body. It gives me warnings, it directs me to take action and find the cause. Emotional pain is the same. It comes through layers of experiences, the old selves, the younger version of me that went through life's challenges and didn't really know what to do with the pain. As you direct your life towards the path of LIGHT and Self realization, healing starts to take over those areas of pain that has turned into emotional suffering. The suffering was never of your making. You simply didn't know better to deal with the immense pain that had happened. A gentle way of looking at the past can create an avenue for the release of the suffering which many time has caused guilt. Guilt is detrimental as it carries a very low vibration frequency in your emotional body, tying your arms and legs, imprisoning you within your own thoughts, and disabling your growth process. It keeps you in the past and robs you from the experience of the present moment. The way to clear guilt is the knowing that you did the best you knew to deal with the pain you went through. Become aware of it, find the gap between your higher Self, and what keeps on triggering your suffering through the guilt. It's possible to let go and heal of this energy when you are willing and accept the choice of 'possibility'. I went through a deep process about these dynamics yesterday with a client of mine, walking her through the different layers and energy knots that has caused her suffering. As she said: "Healing is a process", and it's a beautiful process when you take dominion over your life. When your intention becomes one which is bigger than yourself and includes the shift into optimism and love for the entire humanity. Your experience will transform in the service to others. For this, I'm totally grateful....Namaste

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Monday, September 10, 2018


"Paradise is where I AM"....Voltaire.

Are you living in a paradise? It's a thought away. It's where you are residing deep within your heart and soul. Many times, we make life complicated, wishing to be somewhere or having something we are not or don't have. We get caught up in the 'Wanting' rather than Being immersed in the process of Becoming it. If you continue living like that, you'll end up giving up your paradise in the moment to an imaginary life that will never come. There is nothing wrong with visioning and imagining, setting up goals to manifest what you wish. However, not at the expense of sacrificing your present for the future. Every time you feel the deepest feeling of love, you are residing in your inner paradise. Every time you are in an act of giving to another person, you live far beyond a materialistic world, you are walking garden of Eden. You reside in heaven on earth. Stop the chase, stop the race, and stop the unappreciative thoughts that diminish your energy system. As you are reading this, think about the countless blessings in your surrounding right now, the home you live in, the food you eat, the message you are receiving, your friends, family, children, work, and everything you have. Think about every breath it's being gifted to you as a sign of appreciation for the un-foldment of your Soul on a journey into Recognizing your inner paradise here and NOW. A lot to be grateful for, I totally Am, and I invite you to join me. Will You?........Namaste....Dr. Rod....

Sunday, August 26, 2018

All that is 

All that Is and All that Is Not is Who you Are and Who you are Not. Who you are is Love and how you can get to that realization is start developing trust in your higher Self. It comes through the practice of appreciation. When you realize that there is a law of balance, you'll notice that no matter what happens in your life, you are being taken care of. You will always land back on your point of reference which is inclusive, which is part of wholeness, which loves rather than dwells in fear, which is infused with energy of compassion. This point will be clear as you walk your journey. Steady, without any guilt, hopelessness, and without the fear of judgment. Your job is to be in motion. To set forth intentions and act upon them without speculating the outcome. You make the first move and the universe will take care of the rest. You set your direction towards wholeness, and openings for blessings reveal themselves in every area of your life. All that Is and All that is Not is Who you Are and Who you Are Not. You are Experiencing your Experience right now and having a Satori as they call it. Have a beautiful week. Stay strong! --Dr. Rod.... spiritual life coaching 

Friday, August 17, 2018

Love story

"Feeling is the language of the Soul. Hidden deep within your feelings is your highest Truth."...A profoundly simply yet very deep statement. You feel me? Each time you acknowledge your feelings, you are in direct communication with God. You are also in direct communication while in the experience of your feelings. The highest feeling is love. Love of the presence which is never an absence. It's a total immersion of your Self, into the higher Self. Did you get that? The love between you and the universe is eternal, it's unconditional, and has been there since the beginning of time. The highest form of love here in our three dimensional world, the world of circumstances and experiences, is the love between human beings. It can be uni-directional, only when the precedence of it is directly emanating and connected to the love with Whole. As you go along your spiritual journey, you'll take away the layers of dense clouds that are obscuring your perception of separation from your source. An inherent, inner energy starts being activated deep within you heart. You fall in love with your beloved and never look back again. Each experience of love between human beings is unique and sacred relative to their own stage of development, state of mind, and spiritual growth. Always know that the love you experienced from another Being was a divine vehicle to guide and direct you into your soul's evolution. Be grateful that you had those experiences, even though sometime the memories of what you are holding about them are bitter. The moment you feel your unity with the ONE love, your life will never be the same. You find beauty in everyone and everything. All you have to offer is your pure essence, your incredible positive vibration. Your soul is smiling now....:) Namaste....Dr. Rod....